The Worship Ministry Team Director should be a man or woman with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  The Worship Ministry Team Director should have strong spiritual character and spiritual sensitivity.  Additionally, the Worship Ministry Team Director must have a desire to faithfully train and equip Southwest Calvary’s Worship Ministry Team to draw church and the local community into deep and lasting worship of God.

Strong communication and organizational skills demonstrated vocal and instrumental ability, creativity, flexibility, energy, discernment, and the ability to cast a vision and work well with others are essential for this position.   

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1.  Develop ministry and spiritual objectives for the Worship Ministry Team and congregation in conjunction with the Senior Pastor.
  2. Continue to build the current Worship Team and develop an intentional strategy for encouraging spiritual growth through Southwest Calvary’s corporate worship.
  3.  Design effective corporate worship gatherings where the Worship Ministry Team can use their abilities, talents, and spiritual gifts to minister to God, the church and the local community.
  4.  Oversee all aspects of corporate worship gatherings in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, including audio and visual and special needs for sacraments, mission moments or testimonies.
  5. Coordinate corporate worship rehearsals and Worship Team practices.
  6. Cultivate community among the Worship Team by developing and nurturing relationships.
  7. Regularly communicate with the Nursery, Children’s and Youth Leaders to include children and youth in corporate worship when appropriate.
  8. Identify potential Worship Team members and discern a plan of action for their spiritual and musical development and their inclusion on the Worship Team.
  9. Collaborate with the Southwest Calvary Leadership to create and follow an annual Worship Ministry budget, manage the maintenance of sound and technical equipment, and purchase new equipment as needed.
  10. Model for Southwest Calvary and specifically the Worship Team an ability to understand and implement the Word of God and prayer in your life.
  11. Set a good example in the areas of relationships, commitment to Christ, follow-through and responsible living.

Compensation and Review:

The Worship Ministry Team Director position is a 15-20 hour part-time salaried position with no health insurance benefits. Compensation will be commensurate with experience.  The Worship Ministry Director will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Senior Pastor.