We believe that Christian Community is the "greenhouse" for transformed lives. It is a place where...

  • God can work
  • The Holy Spirit finds hearts to work in and change
  • The Word of God comes alive in hearts and makes a difference
  • Our salvation is lived out in our lives

The biblical authors used a number of different analogies to try to wrap their arms around the concept of the church. One of the most used was that of a family. We are all brothers and sisters. We laugh together when life is good and cry together when life is hard. We share meals together and share our lives with one another.

At Southwest Calvary, the heartbeat of our church is Community. Community is where the "Big Church" becomes smaller!

There is no more exciting adventure or fulfilling challenge than that of a lifelong pursuit of becoming like Jesus Christ. Southwest Calvary's Adult Ministries stand poised to lead you to a deeper and growing faith. Our desire is to see everyone at Southwest Calvary progressing and living as fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ.

Come find a place to connect and grow.